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Colt Starting


Round Pen Work

A good foundation is necessary for you to have a horse that will work with you no matter what direction you intend to go. From trail riding to the show ring, you need a quiet, respectful, confident, and responsive horse.



Some people try to go fast and make up for not having things right with their horse." — Ray Hunt


Desensitizing and Confidence Building

Using techniques based on natural horsemanship, your horse will learn to:

Stand quietly while mounting
Be safe and quiet on the trail
Be respectful on the ground and under saddle
Load on the trailer without fear






"Sometimes its not what you do to a horse that counts, its what you don't do."            ~ Buster McLaury   


The End Result

 You and your equine partner will enjoy all the fun and the challenges  that trail riding has to offer in a quiet, willing and safe manner.



"The horse is doing one of two things: he's doing what he thinks he's supposed to do, or he's doing what he thinks he has to do to survive."           ~ Ray Hunt


Equine Experience​

 As a horse owner, I have bred, raised and started horses for almost 20 years. As a volunteer with an equine rescue, I have also worked with horses of all ages to correct behavior issues on the ground and under saddle to get them ready for adoption.


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